How Heat Transfers Work and How They Can Benefit Your Small Business

A heat transfer is an inexpensive method of apparel printing. Heat transfers are applied to a garment by applying a heated film to it. The process is quick and easy. It is also a great solution for smaller print runs. Chicago screen printer provides high-quality heat transfers for small business customers. We can help your business with all of your apparel printing needs. Below is more information on heat transfers. Further reading: How They Work and How They Can Benefit Your Small Business

DTG (Direct to Garment) printing allows for greater variation than screen printing, which has been the standard for customized t-shirts for decades. OneHourTees’ DTG printers can print up to 16 million colors in just one pass. DTG ink dries quickly and dries completely, becoming part of the fabric, rather than visible on the shirt. These printers can print a shirt in less than an hour.

Direct to garment (DTG) printing is an excellent option for small orders of garments with simple designs. However, since it is an individual process, heat transfers can be expensive. Therefore, if you are considering these options, you should first check whether your needs match the capabilities of your printer. The advantages of this method include its low cost and flexibility. The downside of DTG printing is that it requires a large number of layers, so it is not the best option for small business owners.

DTG (Direct to Garment) printing is a fast and convenient alternative to screen printing. The benefits of DTG printers are cost savings, unlimited colors, and eco-friendliness. And the fact that DTG printers require only one operator makes the process very efficient. It also allows for customized results. There are many types of DTG printers out there. So, you’ll surely find one that works best for you.

DTG uses a printer that sprays ink into the fabric. Screen printing involves layers of ink on the fabric. DTG is a popular choice for t-shirts and other apparel. Unlike screen printing, DTG allows you to order on-demand. For this reason, DTG is the preferred option for most businesses. It also makes it easy to print on outdoor flags and other large materials. If you’re planning to start a small business, you should consider using this process.

DTG printers are giant inkjet printers that print directly onto apparel. Compared to screen printing, the DTG machine produces higher-quality output than the latter. This means that it is easier to use and maintain. And the DTG printer also allows you to use unlimited, vibrant colors. The fast drying technology allows the colors to pop on the clothing and last a long time. Generally, it’s the preferred choice of small-business owners. For more details on apparel printing visit

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